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e-Solutions as a highly reliable and professional web development company. The project was done on time that was extremely important for our organization. What is important the developed a quick and stable system able to handle many simultaneous users."

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  • Ensure Credibility
    In today's world, your website says everything about your company. To avoid sending business to your competitors, your website needs to instantly gain trust by reflecting the credibility of your business. Within seconds, the average user will decide whether your business is trustworthy or not.  Our professional staff is well versed in developing a great web presence, in both the design and functionality of your site. Our primary goal is to help you achieve greater success through your entire website marketing campaign.

  • Watch your Website Build
    Once your design is approved, our staff will set up a staging server, allowing you to view your website as it's being built, without effecting your live site. This transparency allows you to continuously see progress as your website is being created. INDEAS web team will keep you updated every step of the way, from marketing analysis through the entire duration of your

  • Time Tracking
    We know that your investment is an important decision, and you want to know where your investment is being allocated. Our web team uses a detailed ticket tracking system, allowing us to generate reports and monitor our time on a per issue basis.

  • Our Commitment
    When your website is finished, you are closing one chapter of development and opening another. Regardless of the project at hand, INDEAS prefers to establish an ongoing relation with each of our clients rather than simply working with you project-to-project. One of the reasons for this is that the worst time to end a project is when it's just been launched.

    By having us supervise future brand and web implementations as well as work with you to enhance the features and promotions on your websites, you are ensuring the ongoing success of your initial efforts, and providing low-cost added value to your initial investment. Most importantly, you are assuring yourself that your brand will grow in the eyes of your customers.

  • Hands On Help
    With each passing day the internet becomes infinitesimally more complex. As a leader in new innovative web based technologies, we feel that it is absolutely imperative that our clients receive answers to their questions in meaningful and intuitive ways. One of the many tools that we utilize is GoToMeeting - an immensely powerful, multifaceted web meeting tool, which allows for instantaneous communication and ultra secure screen sharing.

    GoToMeeting allows us to trouble shoot issues, do online training, and display meeting notes - all in real time. The comprehensive screen sharing ability that GoToMeeting gives us, allows our staff to work simultaneous with our clients to accurately and efficiently address any of their web based needs.

    We are committed to your company and are vested in your success. Because when you excel, we excel, and that's our commitment. Let's get started!